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Leeds was recently named one the top thirty things to do in Britain, which considering it has five miles of shopping streets, one of the UK's largest pedestrianised zones and more listed buildings than any UK city bar London, it’s hardly a surprise.More recently a booming student population (over 38,000) has made Leeds a hotspot for nightlife unrivalled in the north of England for its variety of pubs, clubs and places to eat. So through day and night, you’ll find Leeds flowing with life and ready to be experienced.

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The People

Word on the street

My favourite elements of Leeds are the people, the shops and the buildings - the atmosphere is brilliant.
Katie, student
I love the people of Leeds, without which the city wouldn't have the same friendly atmosphere of Northern folk.
Malcom, butcher
Leeds is cool for bars and shopping's great. There's always plenty to do.
Daniel, IT Professional

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